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Pay via Mobile – Customer FAQs

1. How do I access Pay via Mobile?

There is a QR code on the Toblerone on the table. Scan the QR code using the camera on your mobile device and it will take you to a web page with a link to Pay.

When you select to pay, it will launch the mobile payment site.

2. How do I know what my table number is?

Please check the Toblerone on your table or ask your waiter and they will advise you of your table number.

3. How are tips added using Mobile Pay?

When paying via Mobile (, the tip option defaults to 12.5% of your total bill, but you can easily scroll either up or down to alter the percentage added or you can enter a specific amount. Of course, the tip is completely optional and not something you are obliged to leave.

4. Can I pay using Apple Pay on Mobile Pay?

Yes, you can pay with Apple Pay on the Pay via Mobile site (, if you are using an apple device and have Apple Pay setup.

5. Can I pay using Google Pay on Mobile Pay?

Unfortunately, Google Pay is not currently available on the Pay via Mobile site ( However, we hope to have this up and running soon.

6. How do I use a voucher when paying via mobile?

An 'Apply voucher' link will be visible on your bill. When adding an offer code, you will be asked if you wish to redeem it. Once you've done this you will see the offer uploading in the background. As soon as this is complete it will confirm the voucher has been applied, and the new discounted balance will show on your bill.

7. How will I know that I have paid my bill using Pay via Mobile?

The mobile site ( will display a payment confirmation screen. You'll also receive a VAT receipt via email as confirmation you have paid.

8. Can I split the bill when paying via mobile?

You can split the bill by the total or by item. However, you cannot split by item if a voucher has been applied to the bill.

9. Does the whole table need to pay via mobile to be able to split a bill?

No, you can part pay for your share of the bill with Mobile Pay and the remainder of the bill can be paid using cash or card by your fellow diners.

10. How do I use my card to pay using Mobile Pay?

When you reach the payment page of the Pay via Mobile site (, you simply enter your card details.


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