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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the latest information on Covid restrictions and regulations in your restaurants?

For our safety information, please click here.

2. Do you offer takeaway or delivery?

You can see a list of restaurants offering takeaway or delivery via Deliveroo here. here.

3. What is your deposit policy?

We have a deposit policy for Christmas party bookings which requires the following:

  • Parties for 7 or more people will require a €5 per person deposit to secure the booking (until then the booking remains provisional).
  • Deposits are payable within 7 days of making your booking.
  • Cancellations made 7 or more days in advance of the booked date will be refunded in full.

If you have made your booking online, the restaurant manager will contact you regarding your deposit.

4. Do offer student discount?

Yes, we have a great Student discount available through UNiDAYS. You can find full details of the offer here.

5. Where can I find the location and contact details of your restaurants?

Please visit the restaurant finder section of this site for comprehensive restaurant information. The following general information applies to all our branches:

  • We have a new audio menu for our visually impaired customers. The Good Food Talk app (GFT) taps into the current capabilities of smart phones and computers and allows the customer to listen to our menus in the restaurant or at home. It also enables the user to view menus in dyslexic fonts or high contrast displays. If you don't have a smart phone. Please ask our restaurant team and they will be able to provide an iPad with the GFT app loaded.
  • All Milano restaurants are entirely non-smoking.
  • Unless otherwise stated Milano restaurants are open from 11.30am until 11.30pm.
    Please visit the Our Restaurants section to find details of your nearest restaurant.
  • All Milano restaurants have baby changing facilities and disabled toilets. Please check our restaurant finder for details.
  • Milano accepts all major credit cards. Unfortunately Milano are no longer able to accept personal or business cheques

6. How can I contact your Head Office?

  • Please visit the Contact Us page where you can submit your question or comment. Alternatively you can contact us via:
  • Address: Customer Services, Milano Restaurants Hunton House, Highbridge Estate, Oxford Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1LX
  • Email: [email protected]
  • If you are a journalist with a press query, please contact [email protected] Please note, all official comment must come from the Milano Press Office and our pizzeria teams should not be approached for comment under any circumstance.

Please remember to include your telephone number and address, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

7. How do I go about buying Milano gift vouchers?

You can order a Milano e-gift any denomination from €10 to €500 here.

If you prefer a physical gift card, you can purchase one directly from one of our pizzerias.

8. I'm interested in becoming a franchisee of Milano. How do I go about it?

Milano do not offer franchises, however, if you have a great location for a Milano restaurant we would love to hear from you. Please email [email protected]

9. I would like to work for Milano

For all Team Member and Management vacancies, please visit our careers website on to apply online.

10. Do you support charities and local organisations?

Milano currently supports charities through donations on our menu, as well as local and community charity donations, in conjunction with our restaurant management teams. Read more information on our Veneziana Fund and Enable Ireland charity work.

In addition, thousands of children visit Milano every year as part of our School Visits programme. We want to help make cooking exciting for children and get them enjoying it while they’re still young. So we run free visits for local primary schools and turn our kitchens into classrooms. The kids have a great experience while picking up some useful skills as well. If you would like to get involved, please contact your nearest restaurant to find out when they are available.

11. Do your restaurants take bookings?

It is possible to book, both online and by phone at most of our restaurants. Each restaurant has its own policy which is designed to best meet the needs of its local customers. Please do contact your chosen restaurant for more information. Find your nearest restaurant and contact details.

12. Does Milano provide Children's parties?

We do offer pizza making parties although we should mention that not all of our restaurants can offer these parties and those that do usually carry day and time restrictions - this is purely so we respect all of our customers and therefore try and offer parties during quieter times in the restaurants!

Our parties are available for €17.95 per child. Full information about what our parties include can be found on our Kids Pizza Making Parties page. Parties can be booked directly with the manager of your chosen restaurant, who should be able to reconfirm the above and answer any questions you may have.

*Please note this Children’s parties bookings are guided by the latest Covid government restrictions and regulations. Please contact your local restaurant for more information.

13. What information do you have regarding allergens or the suitability of the menu for different diets?

See our menu for full information on all our dishes.

14. Have you ever thought about doing smaller pizzas for children?

We have our famous Children's Piccolo Menu. With three mini courses and a Bambinoccino to finish, it's perfect for pint-sized appetites.

15. Could you email me a copy of your menu?

Our full menu is available via the 'Our food' section of our website.

16. Does Milano use genetically modified products?

To the best of our knowledge - and according to the guidance of our suppliers - Milano does not use any GM products on our menu.

17. I am a food and drink supplier, who do I contact to discuss my products?

If you supply food or drink products that you think may be of interest to Milano, please send details to [email protected]

18. I have a site/building that may be of interest to Milano

If you have a building that would be of interest to us, please email [email protected]

19. Where do you buy your furniture and fittings?

Milano uses a wide range of suppliers. Contact [email protected] for further information.

20. Why have you stopped using only halal slaughtered chicken?

We have recently increased our sourcing options on chicken to ensure continuity of supply during the current challenges within all supply chains. Whilst our previous suppliers provided only halal slaughtered chicken, it was never our policy for that to be our only option.

Although the chicken was halal slaughtered, we have never been able to offer a finished dish that was Halal-certified, due to the presence of pork and other non-halal meats in our restaurants and as our kitchens do not operate halal procedures.

21. Where can I find information regarding mobile pay?

Please see a list of mobile pay FAQs here.

If you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected]

22. Why are there 'may contain' warning on your allergen information?

We constantly review and challenge our approach to allergen safety and lifestyle dietary requirements, listening carefully to customer feedback and using the latest legal and best practise guidance. Working with our suppliers and using risk based assessments, we have updated some of our ‘may contain’ labelling. We aim to provide clear and safe information for our customers to make informed choices.

We continue to work with our suppliers to reduce ‘May Contain’ statements by implementing stricter containment measures during their manufacturing processes.

23. I have a nut allergy. How do you prevent cross contamination?

We take allergens extremely seriously and will always do everything we can to accommodate our customers that have allergies.

Please be assured that we currently do not have any ingredients containing nuts or peanuts on our menu. Since Spring 2020, in line with the Food Information for Consumers Regulation, we no longer classify pine kernels as a nut. Ingredients and dishes containing pine kernels are no longer highlighted with the ‘N’ symbol on our menus. In England, Wales and Scotland, information on which ingredients and dishes contain pine kernels can be found in our allergen information document which can be found either on our website, by scanning the QR code on our menus or, by requesting a copy from the restaurant team.  For our Irish restaurants, please contact us directly should you require more information.

Here are some of our control processes in place in our restaurants:

  • Once notified by the customer of an allergy, the team will process a red allergy warning on the order ticket to ensure the chef is aware that further controls need to be implemented.
  • We provide detailed training to all our team members and ensure this training is refreshed on a regular basis.
  • We label high risk ingredients.
  • We use dispensing bottles, where appropriate, to minimise the impact of contamination.
  • Our internal team regularly carries out unannounced audits to assess the quality and safety of all our restaurants and the food we serve (allergen awareness is a major focus for these).

Should a restaurant be in breach, an alert will be issued automatically so the issue can be addressed as a matter of urgency

And of course, teams regularly wash their hands and clean surfaces, to prevent contamination through dust particles or customers touching surfaces after eating nuts in our restaurants. It is important to note that nut products are never directly handled with hands, but we insist on hand washing after handling the utensils

We certainly hope that the above information provides you with confidence and demonstrates just how seriously we take matters such as this, however, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.


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